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Unite Colorado, the regional network of Unite Us

We understand there are many factors that impact your ability to take care of your health. Our team of Navigators and the Behavioral Health Services Coordinator screen for these potential barriers and work with you to provide resources that may reduce or break through barriers. Our team of specialists connects patients to resources.

Click on the button below to complete the form and you’ll be entered into our secure, coordinated network of community resources, powered by Unite Us, that is available to help.

A Navigator or the Behavioral Health Services Coordinator will reach out to you after your form submission.

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Entendemos que hay muchos factores que impactan su habilidad de cuidar de su salud. Nuestro equipo de Navegadores y nuestra Coordinadora de Servicios de Salud Mental detectan potenciales barreras y trabajan con usted para proveerle recursos que pueden reducir o romper esas barreras. Nuestro equipo de especialistas son los lazos que conectan a los pacientes con los recursos.

Completando el formulario debajo, usted será ingresado en nuestra red segura y coordinada de recursos para la comunidad, promovida por Unite Us, que está disponible para ayudar.

Un Navegador o la Coordinadora de Servicios de Salud Mental se comunicará con usted después de su registro.

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Need help getting to an appointment? Our staff can assist those with disabilities in arranging transportation.

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