Summit Cares Plan for small businesses

The Summit Community Care Clinic strives to provide quality healthcare with a progressive approach. A business needs 2 or more participants to be part of the plan. The cost is $100/individual per month. Please call 970-423-8839 for more information or to start a contract.


What does the Summit Cares Plan include?

  • ● Ordinary and routine care of the nature of a visit to the doctor’s office
    ● Behavioral health services
    ● Chronic care management
    ● Annual physicals
    ● Routine annual woman’s health exams
    ● Sore throats/ears/headache
    ● Strains/sprains/musculoskeletal problems
    ● Non-specific abdominal pain
    ● Cough & Sinus
    ● Non-specific chest pain, when non-emergent
    ● Rashes
  • ● Acute urinary complaints
  • ● Personal hygiene related problems
  • ● Acute injuries / acute routine office
  • ● Procedures
  • ● Minor surgical procedures, such as
  • ● Sutures for laceration treatment
  • ● Ordered laboratory tests
  • ● Healthy lifestyle coaching with Health Educators
  • ● Comprehensive Annual Dental Exam/X-rays
  • ● One Dental cleaning


Need help getting to an appointment? Our staff can assist those with disabilities in arranging transportation.

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