Our Community

Summit County, Colorado is 80 miles West of Denver. It is home to 4 ski resorts, and provides beautiful scenery and stunning vistas at every turn. While Summit is a great place to live, it can be challenging to make ends meet in this popular resort community, as the cost of living is inflated by nearly 20%, but most wages are under the sustainability level. Many residents are forced to make choices between rent, food, child care and health insurance. Summit County has one of the highest rates of uninsured citizens in the state of Colorado, with 22% of Summit County residents without access to affordable health care. Additionally, our community has many small businesses who are unable to offer their employees health insurance. These are people like real estate agents, servers, bartenders, massage therapists, retail shop employees, ski instructors and hairdressers.  This  need and these people are who SCCC is here to serve.