For patients without health insurance
During the eligibility process, our eligibility technician will review your income and place you on our sliding fee scale accordingly. Fees are accrued based on the care you receive, and so it is difficult for us to know how much your charges will be before your appointment. We can only give you estimates of costs. We ask that you pay your entire bill at the end of each visit, however we are willing to work with patients on payment plans. We want our patients to receive the care they need and maintain health regardless of their ability to pay at the time of their visit.

The Sliding Fee Scale is based on the Federal Poverty Guidelines.  Patients are assigned a Fee Code based on income. SLIDING SCALE FEE CODES

Patient fees slide from the UCR charge or “full fee”.  Patients in Fee Code 1 receive a nominal fee of $10 for services that are in-scope for Federally Qualified Health Center.  These services include comprehensive primary care services, behavioral health and substance abuse services, and preventative and emergent dental services such examinations, cleanings, fillings and extractions.

Patients in Fee Code 2  receive services for discounts up to 60%. Fee Code 3 is discounted by 50%, Fee Code 4 is discounted by 40%, and Fee Code 5 is discounted by 30%.  These discounts apply for the majority of services with the exception of certain laboratory services from outside of the clinic and medications that are assigned a fee based on cost to the clinic.

To learn more about how the Care Clinic’s fees are determined for medical, behavioral and dental visits, you can view the following documents.

Changes to Sliding Fee Scale

Nuevos Cambios de la escala de precios

For patients with Medicaid or CHP+
You will be expected to pay any copays or fees required by Medicaid or CHP+ at time of service. If you receive services that are not covered by Medicaid or CHP+, you will be expected to pay the full fee for those services.

For patients with Medicare
You will be expected to pay any copays or fees required by Medicare at time of service. If you have a Medicare supplemental insurance, please bring that information with you to your appointment. You will be asked to sign an APN form acknowledging that you will pay for all services that are not covered by Medicare.

For patients with Private Insurance
You will need to pay your copay at time of service. We will bill your insurance, and then you as the patient will need to cover any remaining fees that your insurance did not cover. We will send you a bill with your balance after your visit, and require that you pay that within 30 days.

No patient will be denied service due to inability to pay.