Leadership Team

Helen Royal, LPC: Chief Executive Officer. Starting at the Care Clinic in community mental health therapist since 1996, Helen has specialized training in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, EMDR and Solution Focused Brief Therapy.

Erin Major, RDH:  Chief Dental Officer & Director School Based Health Center. Erin started with the SCCC dental program since its opening in 2007  and is passionate about ensuring youth receive health care. Erin lives in Montezuma with her husband, Tom.   Erin has two grown children, and with both away at university, she is enjoying  a lot of skiing, biking, and yoga!

Jenniffer González: Director Patient Support Services.  Jenniffer started in 2004.  Jenniffer  is from Panama and  feels passionate about her job because she loves helping and offering support to her Latino community.

A. Colleen Bechtel, PHR: Director of Human Resources since 2015 and comes to SCCC with 26 years of Human Resources Management experience and is a certified PHR with SHRM. Colleen is a  graduate of University of Oregon and even volunteered for the Care Clinic by translating in the evenings for non-English patients in the 1990’s. Colleen is also involved with many community minded activities including;  trail building projects, volunteering with various committees, advocating for accountability and healthy schools, STEM and safe routes.  She enjoys spending time with her family skiing, biking and running.

Cassandra Anton: Quality Director/Risk Management Officer

Kathleen Cowie, MD Chief Medical Officer

Tommy Barnhart: Consultant Chief Financial Officer

Nissa Erickson Development Director

Rachel Weber Medical Clinic Manager

Maria Alvarado Dental Clinic Manager

Cheryl Carlson Accounting Manager

Amy Perchick Billing Manager

Jenna Worthen School Based Health Center Manager

Full Staff List

Maria Alvarado Dental Clinic Manager Interpreter /Health Educator
Sarah Ambrose Clinic Assistant
Cassandra Anton Quality Assurance Director
Vanessa Baray Lead SBHC Clinic Assistant
Stephanie Barnett PRN Dentist
Marco Barraza Clinical Applications IT Support Tech
Amelie Colleen Bechtel Human Resources Director
Angel Bujanda Gutierrez Dental Patient Access Representative
Cheryl Carlson Accounting Manager and Grant Accountant
Alexandra Chavez Aguilera Patient Access Representative
Liliana Chavez Dental Patient Access Representative
Cassie Comeau – PRN Special Projects Coordinator
Liliana Cossette Patient Access Representative
Kate Cowdery Development Executive Assist.
Kathleen Cowie Chief Medical Officer
Amy Cruz Patient Navigator
Sarah Dayton Grant Coordinator
Nancy De La Cruz Medical Patient Access Representative
Michelle Deutsch Behavioral Health Specialist
Brita Erickson – Case Manager LPN/RN
Nissa Erickson Development Director
Abigail Ferguson Behavioral Health Provider
Carly Fraley – SBHC Patient Navigator / Clinic Assistant
Jenniffer Gonzalez Fadul Patient Support Services Director and Safety Officer
Abilene Gutierrez Dental Assistant
Kellyn Glynn Behavioral Health Provider Supervisor
Claudia Hadfield Billing and Collections Specialist
Jennifer Harvey Case Management Nurse
Marisol Hernandez Patient Access Representative
Melanie Hernandez Clinic Assistant
Geffory Hoffman Dentist (PRN)
Ruby Hornback Lead Health Navigator
Lindsey Hoover Behavioral Health Specialist
Colleen Ihnken Nurse Practitioner
Megan Jackson Lead Dental Hygienist
Jennifer Kagan Nurse Practitioner
Jeanette Kintz Behavioral Health Therapist Supervisor
Stephanie Kuenn Physician Assistant
Charles Lackey Physician
Catherine Lopez Billing and Collections Specialist
Priscilla Lopez Registered Dental Hygienist
Miriam Lozano Medical Records Prior Authorization and Referral Coordinator
Elizabeth Luna Dental Health Navigator
Isidra Luna Billing Collections Specialist SBHC Patient Navigator
Cyndi Lynch Clinical Applications Manager & HIPAA Security Officer
Robyn Maestas Dental Hygienist
Becky Margolis  Credentialing Specialist
Erin Major Chief Dental Officer
Pauline Mata Billing and Collections Specialist
Delfina Merino de Higuera Clinic Medical Assistant
Lynn Meyer Behavioral Health Provider Supervisor
Robin Meyer Dental Hygienist
Karen Meza Delacruz Lead Clinic Assistant
Emily Millner Dental Hygienist
Ariana Navarro – Aguilera Patient Access Representative
Susanne Neal Behavioral Health Therapist
Araceli Nguyen Dental Assistant
Jessica Oaks Dental Hygienist
David Pelster Dentist
Amy Perhick Billing Manager
Nancy Pineda Patient Access Representative
Kyle Prickett Clinic Assistant
Sam Przybylski Health Navigator
Jessica Quijada Clinic Medical Assistant
Pierina Reyes Patient Navigator
Refugio “Cuca” Reyes Dental Patient Access Representative
Gabija Revis Dentist
Edna Roberts Billing Collections Supervisor
Susan Robertson Lead Grant Writer
Amy Robillard Nurse Practitioner
Kimberly Rocha Patient Access Representative
Maria Alejandra Rodriguez Diaz Patient Access Representative
Verania Rodriguez Chavez Dental Assistant
Cristina Rost Interpreter
Helen Royal Chief Executive Officer
Josh Rusk Physician
Itzel Lizardo Saldivar Dental Assistant
Katie Schmidt Behavioral Health Provider Supervisor
Melinda Schmidt Dental Hygienist
Lourdes Kati Seiler Patient Access Representative
Tania Sifuentes Dental Assistant Trainee
Georgia Sinclair Clinic Assistant
Emily Slivka Medical Records Scanner
Marisa Soltis Behavioral Health Specialist
Gemma Taylor Behavioral Health Provider Supervisor
Samuel Teague Dentist
Kevin Treadway Data Coordinator Assistant
Graciela Valenzuela Ibarra Lead SBHC Clinic Assistant
Rachel Weber Medical Clinical Manager /HIPAA Privacy Officer
Erin Wiggins Health Navigator
Margarita Wong Physician Assistant, SBHC Medical Director
Megan Wood Physician Assistant
Jenna Worthen SBHC Program Manager
Carole Young Medical Coder

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