Services we Offer

Summit Community Care Clinic offers a wide range of health care services, including: Primary Care, Reproductive Health, Oral Health and Behavioral Health.

We offer high quality, affordable healthcare on a sliding scale based on income for the uninsured. Our mission is to serve individuals in our mountain community with limited income and who are medically under-served.

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Primary Care
Reproductive Health
Dental Health
Behavioral Health/Mental Health
Unique Programs and Groups

All patients without insurance are informed that fees for services are based on their income and family size and that they will be charged according to a sliding fee scale if deemed income eligible.  Patients are informed that no one is denied services because of an inability to pay.

Sliding Fee Scale:  The Sliding Fee Scale is based on the Federal Poverty Guidelines.  Patients are assigned a Fee Code based on income with Fee Code 1 including income up to 100% FPL, Fee Code 2 from 101%-150% FPL, Fee Code 3 from 151% – 200%, Fee Code 4 from 201 – 250% and Fee Code 5 from 251%-300%.  State CICP funding can be used to cover uncompensated cost of serving patients up to Fee Code 4 (250% FPL) and other private funding from foundations and other sources are used to offset costs of Fee Code 5.  No federal funds will be used to cover patients above 200% FPL.

Patient fees slide from the UCR charge or “full fee”.  Patients in Fee Code 1 receive services discounted by 90% with many services sliding to $0 and no fees to exceed $20 for those services that are in-scope for Federally Qualified Health Center.  These services include comprehensive primary care services, behavioral health and substance abuse services.  Preventative and emergent dental services such examinations, cleanings, fillings and extractions all are set up on a different sliding fee.

Patients in Fee Code 2 receive services discounted by 80%, Fee Code 3 is discounted by 70%, Fee Code 4 is discounted by 60%, and Fee Code 5 is discounted by 50%.  These discounts apply for the some of services with the exception of certain laboratory services from outside of the clinic and medications that are assigned a fee based on cost to the clinic.