Our Integrated Care Model


We believe that for a person to reach their optimum well-being, you must treat their mind, body and soul. This model has driven us to include behavioral and oral health into our available services. When a patient walks in for any type of visit, they are asked questions about mood and substance use. If a patient presents with risk, a behavioral health provider or Health Educator meets them right there during their appointment.

We also have Health Educators who meet with our patients during their appointments to help the patient understand the connection between healthy behaviors and how these impact overall health outcomes. We believe knowledge is power in terms of maintaining optimal health, and we have three full-time Health Educators who work directly with our health care providers to provide our patients with all the tools they need to stay healthy and active in our community.

We have been nationally recognized for our integrated care model. Our former Medical Director, Dr. Karen Wyatt, and our Behavioral Health Director, Helen Royal, were invited twice to speak to Senate committees to share the benefits of the integrated care model.

SCCC also has a rigorous Quality Assurance/Quality Improvement program that is focused on evaluating the quality of serivces that we provide to make sure it is effective. Using our Electronic Health Record’s extensive reporting capabilities, we are able to review health outcome data of our patients to make sure their health actually improves because of the care they receive at SCCC. For more information about SCCC’s Quality Improvement efforts, contact Helen Royal at 970-668-6883.