Board of Directors

Summit Community Care Clinic is led by a 16 member Board of Directors, as well as numerous Advisory members to the board. Over 51% of our board members are active patients in the clinic.

Pat Kopystianskyj

Don Parsons, MD
Vice President

Brady McMillan

Marge Gavenda

Cathy Cheroutes
Dana Cottrell
Deb Crook
Margery Langmuir
Tom Marmins
David Nicoli
Rick O’Brien
Mark Spiers
Norm Stoller
Bill Way
Maureen Westerland

Advisory Members:
Karyn Blanco
Mitzie Hawkins
Annie Prentiss
Meg Lass
Trish Shapiro
Cindy Spaulding

Several sub-committees serve the full board. They are:
Executive Committee
Development Committee
Finance Committee
Governance Committee
Patient Advisory Committee
Quality Assurance Committee
Marketing Committee
Ad-Hoc Committees when needed

If you would like more information about our board of directors, please contact Helen Royal at