SCCC’s Lake County Dental Location

Summit Community Care Clinic is pleased to share the newest location for dental services, located in Leadville.

The Lake County Dental Clinic is  open and accepting patients!

Lake County Dental provides the following services for patients, regardless of their ability to pay.

  • Cleanings
  • Comprehensive Exams
  • X-Ray’s
  • Fluoride
  • Deep cleanings
  • Fillings, crowns, dentures, partials AND MORE

Hours of Operation
Tuesdays 8a-6p

223 Harrison Ave, Leadville, CO, 80461

Call 719-427-0436 to make an appointment or to learn more about the newest Care Clinic location!

A sincere and heartfelt ‘Thank You’ to Dr. Curtis Slack for his generous support of Lake County Dental Clinic, by providing space and equipment to help expand our services. SCCC couldn’t do it without you.