Learn More about the Care Clinic’s New Brand and Website!

If you have ever tried to draw a picture that was worth a thousand words you know how tricky it is. Now imagine trying to summarize an organization that is worth over a million words, stories, feelings, and passions all into a logo and website design.  Well, Wilson Lass was given this complicated task in the spring of 2012 and embraced the challenge with gusto because they believe in what Summit Community Care Clinic provides our community.

With over 30 years of experience branding and marketing companies, Wilson Lass knows the value in research, immersion, and deeply understanding each business / organization. Their approach to the Care Clinic was no different:  Wilson Lass spoke with and gathered information from all the visionaries at the Care Clinic, toured the facility, and talked with community members who have benefited from the care available at the Clinic. They came away with an impression of a respectful, friendly, and passionate organization committed to providing total care to each person that walked through its doors.

Wilson Lass took that feeling and poured their own passion into creating a logo that was casual and inviting while capturing the hands-on approach of the clinic. Next they turned their attention to a website redesign that focused on the patient community and donors. Wilson Lass created a website design that evokes a humanistic feeling instead of a sterile, medical (and sometimes) scary environment using heartwarming illustrations of a sunny mountain community. The new website speaks to both patients and donors, putting both at ease: donors feel good about putting money into the community and its health, while medically underserved patients feel comfortable, safe, and secure about seeking help at the Clinic.

Each employee at the Care Clinic works from a place of joy, grace, pride, inclusiveness, and happiness; Wilson Lass has found a way to visually communicate this to the community. We hope you agree that the design hits the mark and is worth more than a thousand words.